What we do

Our firm has been engaged in Landscape Architecture since 2002.  Our work focuses on people-centred renewal of urban spaces, parks, and residential areas, as well as institutional gardens, playgrounds and the regeneration of historic gardens. From the beginning we believe that a Landscape Architect is both an engineer, an artist and a community organizer. For this reason, our work is not limited to design, but also to create values in other social activities related to Landscape Architecture, such as community planning, applied arts, publications and education.

Planning & Consultation

As professionals, we are involved in resolving landscape architectural tasks. From the start we guide you from producing the design to managing the project. We do community planning with the involvement of relevant bodies, focusing on long-term sustainability and financial resources.

Project management

As a general designer and project manager, we take care of the overall planning process and organization. We provide our clients with timely, accurate and coordinated implementation of complex planning processes, and coordination of professional design tasks

Publications and education

Together with professional organizations, we are involved in publishing guidelines on urban green design. In addition, we provide a number of intern positions to enrich the professional experience of the new generation and to keep the office vital and up-to-date.

3D modelling & visualisations

The use of 3D modelling helps to understand the site, study its constraints and opportunities, but also provides us with a good base for realistic or artistic visualisations.

art & installations

We love to blur the boundaries of landscape architecture as a profession. We organise and participate in exhibitions, create temporary, spontaneous or permanent art installations.

social engagement

From the beginning, we consider our community involvement as a powerful tool for preserving professional knowledge and Hungarian culture. Zöldkalauz, the interactive green database of Hungary and the Ignitas Association are the pillars of our community cooperation.

The team

Barnabás Szakács

Co-founder, General Director and Senior Landscape Architect

Dr. Albert Fekete, PhD, DLA

Professor, Co-founder and Senior Landscape Architect

Zsolt Árpád Bartha

Landscape Architect





"In my understanding a landscape architect is always on the lookout, watching all along, as well as striving to exhaust the potential of the site. And most of all, accepts that while the creation of something as perfect as nature is impossible, the effort is never in vain."




contact: zsolt.bartha@leptek.hu

Alexandra Bátki

Landscape Designer









contact: alexandra.batki@leptek.hu

Nikolett Csukás

Landscape Designer









contact: nikolett.csukas@leptek.hu

Katalin Czermann

Landscape Architect, HR

Mónika Havasi

Admin & HR

Ildikó Júlia Kozma

Landscape Architect

Orsolya Kristófi

Landscape Architect

Emese Flóra Kubik

Landscape Architect









contact: emese.kubik@leptek.hu


Viktor László

Senior Landscape Architect, Horticultural Engineer

Zsófia Märtz-Podolák

Landscape Designer

Liliya Stoeva

Landscape Designer

Ádám Orosz

Landscape Architect

Dorottya Ráskai-Kiss

Landscape Designer

Mátyás Rudd

Landscape Architect

Gabriella Sógor

Landscape Designer

Szilvia Sréter

Senior Landscape Architect





"Tudatosan próbálom megélni a jelent, figyelni a körülöttem lévő világot, tájat, embereket. Szeretek kiszakadni a városból és minden érzékszervemmel ráhangolódni a tájra."




elérhetőség: szilvia.sreter@leptek.hu

tervezői jogosultság: (K01-5204) K13-1408, 2006

Beáta Stefanics

Landscape Architect, Horticultural Engineer

László Szörényi

Graphic and Web Designer

Dorottya Zombori

Landscape Designer





"Úgy gondolom, hogy az építészet és a tájépítészet jövője nem annyira abban rejlik, hogy továbbra is feltöltsék a tájat, hanem abban, hogy életet és rendet teremtsenek, zöldet csempésszenek városainkba."




contact: dorottya.zombori@leptek.hu